The Cheriton Players

19 November 2019 - 23 November 2019

Diamonds are for Trevor

Playwright Simon Tytherleigh and Roger Mortimer, adapted by Helena Gomm Director Helena Gomm


Our next production is a essentially a hilarious spoof Bond movie and will be a first for Cheriton, inasmuch as it will involve a mixture of filmed material and stage acting. As such, it will be an interesting challenge and new experience for the actors (film acting is very different from stage acting) and has meant a split rehearsal period – filming over the summer in various locations locally – and the stage rehearsals which started in September.

HM the Queen and one of her corgis have been abducted, and MI6 have received a ransom video from an anonymous kidnapper with a suspiciously familiar mop of strange orange hair. Unless the Koh-i-Noor diamond is handed over, the Queen and the corgi are toast. This is clearly a job for Bond, but 007 is out on the tiles and his phone is answered by his hapless brother Trevor, who has always fancied having a go at this secret agent business. Meanwhile, the Queen’s disappearance must be kept from the public, so a lookalike is sought to take her place … All the familiar Bond characters are there: M, Q, Miss Spendapenny, a ‘Bond girl’ Fanny Stravaganza, plus a couple of devious villains and their henchmen. There are car chases, underwater scenes (just about) and the villains’ lair is blown up just as Trevor hustles Queen and corgi out to freedom.

Tickets for DAFT (as you may have noticed, Diamonds are For Trevor makes a very apt acronym) are now SOLD OUT, sorry. But if you missed out, please contact us and we can place you on a waiting list.