The Cheriton Players

March 14, 2017

Murder in Cheriton (again)

Ten years ago Cheriton became an infamous hotbed of vice, second only to Midsomer, when a murder took place and some 90 people dressed as 20s super sleuths cracked the mystery of whodunnit, how and why. All afternoon, our detectives trudged around the village interviewing suspects, supping tea in the incident room (the village hall) and then imbibing in an ale or two over a sumptuous meal served up at the local school whilst they heard the Inspector reveal who was the culprit. Well, now it’s the 50s, the war is over, but again there has been a dastardly murder in Cheriton and your help is needed to solve it.

Details will be on our Forthcoming Productions page, and tickets will be on sale, from Monday 20th March. Numbers are limited, so hurry to snap yours up! The date is Saturday 17th June and participants will assemble at 2pm at the village hall for briefing and purchase of murder packs. Sleuthing will take place across the village during the afternoon and the grand reveal, with a BBQ, licensed bar, prizes and music, will continue in the evening at the school.

Any members of the Players wishing to take part should notify us straightaway as we will be meeting in April to organise the suspects and supporting artists!