The Cheriton Players

September 25, 2017

The Big Clear-Out!

Those of you who have been involved with helping backstage will know that we build a lot of flats and that we make or beg, steal and borrow furniture and props from all over. The trouble is, after a few years this means we run out of space and we have to clear out our store so that we can at least see what we have! So sadly (and rather ruthlessly) gone is Fagin’s stove from 2003’s production of Oliver! along with loads of old flats, timber, doors, bed heads and other stuff that has been cluttering up our well-used shed for some while.

Next up for the same treatment is our costume store – many of our costumes tend to get damp and dusty and, like all local theatre groups we are always short of storage space. Ideally we would love to store all out costumes, props, flats and lighting in one, dry, secure place nearby but we don’t know of anywhere that might be available. Do you? If so, please let us know via our website.

And thanks to all those who helped with the big clear out last weekend!