The Cheriton Players

October 21, 2020

Online playreading Monday 9th November

Jake Thompson has died suddenly and the family gather at his widow Babs’ house to hear the reading of his Will. Everyone has expectations about what they are going to receive and what they deserve to inherit, as the deceased has told each of his children that they were his favourite child. However, Jake discovered a shocking truth just before he died, and this is going to change everything. How will family members react towards each other when they believe they are now wealthy? Will their marriages survive and will they still be a family unit once the solicitor leaves the house?

Following on from the successful online (Zoom) readings of Walk The Walk and A Fete Worse than Death, we are delighted to be reading this quirky comedy sent to us from playwright Lesley Jones. Lesley currently lives in Bulgaria but despite the time difference will hopefully be joining us for the reading. If you would like to take part, or simply sit in, please contact Marilyn Weston at to receive the Zoom meeting details. We will be ‘meeting’ at 7pm and the play is a full length comedy so we will be taking a short break in the middle. Hopefully everyone who wishes will get to read a part. Do join us!