The Cheriton Players

February 7, 2022

Calamity Jane is cast

We are delighted to announce the cast (and primary crew) for Calamity Jane, our summer 2022 production. We are also delighted to welcome a few new faces (and voices) to the group for this production. Tracey Anderson (director), helped by Rebecca Leadley and Pauline Cornter, have finalised the cast and backstage crew as follows:

Calamity Jane: Claire Smith
Wild Bill Hickock: Ben Gander
Lieut Danny Gilmartin: Charlie Hellard
Katie Brown: Lauren Anderson
Henry Miller: Mike Cornter
Susan Miller: Rebecca Leadley
Francis Fryer: Tony Bevan
Adelaide Adams: Alison Carter
Rattlesnake: Tim Conway
Doc Pierce: John Weston
Jo the Bartender: Jenni Watson

Pete: Pete Shepherd
Hank: Craig Robertson
Colonel of Fort Scully: Clive Burgess
Prospector: Arthur Smith

Chorus: Clive Burgess,Jan Conway, Tim Conway, Pauline Cornter, Darcy Gander, Caroline Holley, Paul McTaggart, Miranda Roadnight, Craig Robertson, Pete Shepherd, Arthur Smith, Emily Taylor, Rachael Taylor, Jenni Watson, John Weston

Director:  Tracey Anderson
Producer (Stage and Set): Craig Robertson
Producer (Light and Sound): Graham Arnott
Producer (Everything else!): Pauline Cornter
Music Production: Charlie Hellard
Stage Manager: Adrian Seale
Assistant Stage Manager: James Seale
Light and sound technician: Jamie Herdman
Props: Marilyn Weston
Décor (Stage and Set) : Retta Hellard
Costume Assistant: Margaret Shepherd
Front of House Manager: Jenny Cridland
Front of House Assistant: Hazel Round

Tracey and her team are still looking for a Venue Manager to head up the car parking, venue decoration, signage and so on. If you can help, please do contact us.