The Cheriton Players

February 2, 2024

Wyrd Sisters is cast:

Director: Jane Wilde
Producer: Peter Wilde
Stage Manager: Angela Ledsham

The Cast
Granny: Helena Gomm
Nanny: Helen Gard
Magrat: Rebecca Leadley
Duchess: Bernadette Lomas
Duke: Ben Gander
Fool: Craig Robb
Ghost of King Verence/Sergeant: David Cradduck
Hwyl/Guard: Frank Branagan
TomJon/Soldier 1: Chris Atkinson
Vitoller/Guard 1&2/Wimsloe: Tim Conway
Mrs Vitoller/Crowd/Player/Witch 1/Gumridge: Pauline Cornter
Chamberlain/Demon/Peasant/Player/Witch 2: Jan Conway
Bowman/Guard 4/Robber 1/Witch 3: John Weston/Peter Wilde
Soldier 2/Guard 3/Robber 2/Guard/Bedlin: Mike Cornter

Rehearsals start on Monday 5th and tickets are already on sale and selling!