The Cheriton Players

16 March 2016 - 19 March 2016

A Month of Sundays

Playwright Bob Larbey Director


'A Month of Sundays' is a touching comedy with plenty of laughs – and one or two rather poignant moments too. A really lovely story of human frailty and our ability to use our sense of humour to overcome it.

Bob Larbey’s gentle, bitter-sweet comedy is, like much of his TV work, such as Ever Decreasing Circles and The Good Life, based on human vulnerability and our ability to cope with awkward and trying circumstances. It is a play about man’s efforts to cope with the inevitable, in this case the process of growing old and in particular the onset of physical and mental infirmity. Much fun along the way, and much thought-provoking too.

Set in a rest home, the play revolves around two residents: Cooper, who has voluntarily left his family to avoid the indignity of depending on them, and his friend Aylott, both on the verge of some geriatric embarrassment. To the painful rituals of family visits and empty condescension the two inmates reply with humour and wit, aware that life cano only be endured if treated as a comedy.

Larbey won an Evening Standard award for A Month of Sundays and we are pleased to welcome back Reg Large to direct this gritty, witty piece of theatre. We are also pleased to say that the original cast, who originally had to be stood down because of illness in November 2014, are all back to good health and look forward to putting this show on against all odds!

“This is a play about heroism. As such it lifts the spirits and reinforces our humanity” – The Daily Mail