The Cheriton Players

23 November 2016 - 26 November 2016

Cash on Delivery

Playwright Michael Cooney Director Helena Gomm


Cash on Delivery is a traditional farce, written by Michael Cooney (son of Ray Cooney) and featuring, amongst other unlikely characters, a washing machine with a mind of its own.

“Non-stop manic hysteria…within 7 minutes we are aboard a speeding juggernaut of quick thinking out-wittedness” – David Putley, Hampshire Chronicle
“I had completely lost the plot after just twenty minutes – and who was who and why – but that’s the beauty of this farce.” – Kevin Gover, Winchester Today
“Michael Cooney has certainly followed in father Ray’s footsteps if this riot of a farce is anything to go by!” – Alan Johns, Daily Echo

Producer: Jan Conway
Stage Manager: Angela Ledsham

Linda Swan – Sally Williams
Eric Swan – Glynn Williams
Norman Bassett – Craig Robb
Mr Jenkins – David Cradduck
Uncle George – Tim Conway
Sally Chessington – Katie Hinds
Dr Chapman – Richard Perkins
Augustus Forbright – Paddy Roadnight
Ms Cowper – Jan Conway
Brenda Dixon – Claire Smith
Mr Zanussi – Paul McTaggart

and featuring Bernhardt Bosch as the washing machine.

As a complete contrast to our previous production, A Month of Sundays, Cash on Delivery is a true farce, written by Michael Cooney, son of Ray Cooney who has penned many a trousers-round-ankles, doors-opening/shutting, mistaken-identity comedy.

Unbeknown to his wife but with the aid of his equally unprincipled uncle, Eric Swan has collected thousands of pounds by making fraudulent benefit claims on behalf of an army of fictional lodgers. He eventually decides it has all got a bit out of hand and tries to cancel the benefits by telling the DSS that his various tenants have died. However, he only succeeds in being awarded more benefits in terms of bereavement counselling and funeral grants. It all starts to unravel when Norman, the lodger who is supposed to be dead, opens the door to a DSS inspector!

To view the full programme, see our online version here. To see Winchester Today’s review, click here. You can also hear an interview with Craig Robb, who played Norman, by clicking here. Read Alan John’s review in the Daily Echo here.